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Evolutionary Attitudes & Literacy Survey  
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This is the homepage of the Evolutionary Attutudes and Literacy Survey, designed to put researchers in touch with a validated (on KU students) measuerment tool.

The EALS is a multi-dimentional survey designed to assess attitudes about the relevance of evolutionary theory, knowledge and misconceptions about it, religious and political ideation, distrust and knowledge about the scientific enterprise, and endorsement of intelligent design fallacies.

There are two forms of the EALS, the long form (EALS; 104 items) and the short form (EALS-SF; 62 items). Both have been validated using Confirmatory Factor Analysis via SEM, and have undergone peer review. All the heavy analytic lifting has been done and have been posted under VALIDATION PAPERS to the left. Please site these papers in your write up of EALS data.

NOTE: "What's the Matter With Kansas?", the long form paper, addresses the background of the survey creation, and interesting results regarding the relationship between personality (openness to experience) and attitudes and knowledge. The findings of this paper werecovered by Leanne Hanson from NPR witha letter of correction from Pat Hawley.

We have written a "white paper" with complete instructions on how to use the EALS and EALS-SF, and how to analyze the data using either SEM or regression based techniques




About the author: Patricia Hawley is currently a professor at Texas Tech University in the College of Education. She has a background in psychometrics, animal behavior, and developmental psychology. Her substantive areas of research include her theoretical and empirical work on resource control theory (Hawley, 1999).
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